For Your Skin Type

The 4 Skin Types

Normal skin

Your skin is perfect: it is luminous, supple, hydrated and pores are invisible. It is well-balanced and you are radiant! Your skin is normal.
Lucky you!
In order to preserve a beautiful skin as long as possible, pamper it with moisturizers which also protect from external aggressions. You can also choose different textures according to seasons.

Your YOUTH treatment: Day & Night Cream


Dry Skin

Your skin feels tight and lacks luminosity. Sometimes it also feels itchy?
Your skin is dry.
It lacks lipids and moisture.
You need a targeted treatment in order to maintain an adequate level of hydration and regain your skin’s natural suppleness and luminosity.

Your YOUTH treatment: Anti-Age Defence Mask


Oily Skin

Your skin produces excess sebum leaving its shiny look all day long. Enlarged pores as well as pimples and blackheads can appear.
Your skin is oily.
A targeted purifying and balancing treatment is essential to restore your skin’s purity.

Your YOUTH treatment: Anti-Blemish Concentrate


Combination skin

Your skin is shiny and shows enlarged pores and blackheads in the T-zone? Blemishes can appear and your cheeks are normal or dehydrated?
You have a combination skin.
You need a balancing treatment to restore your skin’s natural purity and suppleness.

Your YOUTH treatment: Oil-Free Emulsion


The 3 Main Features Of All Skin Types

Dehydrated skin

Regardless of your skin type, a dehydrated skin is often a temporary issue which indicates a lack of water. Skin feels tight and is not as supple as usual. If dehydrated skin is not treated it can be responsible for the early appearance of wrinkles.
Thus, it is essential to bring higher levels of hydration by drinking water regularly, and to apply moisturizing treatments while also protecting your skin from external aggressions.

Your YOUTH treatment: Hydra-Mask


Sensitive skin

Your skin feels uncomfortable, itchy and shows redness and tightness?
Your skin is sensitive and it reacts to the slightest external changes.
It requires special care and specific treatments in order to efficiently protect and soothe it.

Your YOUTH treatment: Fragile Areas Balm


Mature skin

With age, all skin types lose elasticity and hydration, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles.
In order to regain a youthful skin, it is essential to use anti-aging treatments adapted to your new needs.

Your YOUTH treatment: Anti-Age Booster Serum


Adopt your perfect treatment for beautiful, healthy skin!